About Go2toilet project

Project Go2toilet comes from our own, real experience on travelling around a world. Such a simple, and nature need as is go to toilet was very difficult and frustrating.

Tourist’s needs (problems)

  1. Everyone needs to go to toilet quite often, specially with whole familly. But they don't want to stop in restaurant and take a coffee every time.
  2. They don't know where the toilets actually are. (not marked in a cities)
  3. They don’t know how and how much to pay for it.
  4. They don’t know foreign language to talk on place.

We were thinking about that we cannot be the only one who has a problem with that a starting some researches. After that we had feedback from our testing group that here is a interest from a market. Then we started to work on prototype.

Our solution

  1. Our app is always ready in your phone.
  2. We will find toilets based on your GPS location.
  3. You can pay by credit card or charge into virtual wallet.
  4. On place, you can prove you paid without any word needed.

Mainly, we wanted to make something different then some map of public toilets. That si why we did:

  1. Started to discuss with toilet owners in center of Prague (restaurants, malls, etc.). They were happy about our idea, for them it is a real problem.
  2. So we started make partnerships and co-operations.

Because of it we can offer to our customers more, than just public toilets in map. We can offer them opening hours, equipment of the toilet, picture of entry to the building and more. We engage community to rate and even add toilets in our network.

We developed working prototype, started first marketing channels and get some feedback and number. Detailed information we prepared into PDF business plan bellow.

Our vision

Our vision is to be global application associated with going to toilet on vacation. Be ready for travellers on interesting places for them.

We also prepared prototype of solution for toilets with automated entry. We named it Scan&Go2toilet and it let people go into toilet thru automated hardware (for examples automatic doors, turnstile, etc.). You simple come to it, scan a code and pay for it from your wallet in our app. Simple.

Why do we look for an investor

We have known since start, that we are gonna need one. Project like that can be financially successful in bigger scale and market, that we are able to do alone.

We decided to start, develop a prototype, check the market feedback and then look for investor for future phases of project. We simulated how this project should go forward and we are ready to present it to you. All details are ready in our PDF presentation, just let us know and we will send it to you.

Why with us?

We are team of experienced people from real business. We are not only enthusiastic about the idea, we have real experience from building functioning companies and we see the real potential of success in the project. We are aware that reward equal risk.

We are offering opportunity to:

  • business with global potential;
  • it's perfectly scalable;
  • we work with need, with will never disappear.

We prepared detailed business plan

For detailed information, leave us your e-mail address and we will get back to you. If you have any question, let us know.