Find the closest toilet, anytime!

We help you to find a toilet in a foreign city. We get you there and enable payment via our app. You don’t even have to know any foreign language.


Find a toilet, get there and pay online

You don’t even have to know any foreign language. We are here for every traveler, tourist or adventurer


Based on your current location, we find the closest facility.


You pick the one you like (even wheelchair accessible).


Pay via our app – online and safely by PayPal


Navigation will get you there.


Rate the facility to let other users know how satisfied you were.

In our database we have

about a hundreds facilities in Prague and we plan to go further

No cash needed

You pay online via a secure payment gateway.

We’ll communicate for you

There is no need to know any foreign language, our app will communicate for you.

Navigation takes care of you

There is no need to search the map, navigation can handle it.

Our own benefit program

If you recommend us, you get credit in our app. You can also add new facilities.


We don’t share anything, everything is safe, and you won’t find ads here.

You don’t pay much

One visit costs about 1$.


A useful app that suits everyone. Excellent idea of adding toilets and recommending to other users for get some extra money. So far, a small database outside of Prague, but I hope it may improve.

Klára Spoustová

The best idea I saw for toilets I've seen and tried so far. It works well and the benefit is that in a foreign city I do not need local money and I don't need to know the local language.

Jana Hlaváčková

For travelers with children is this ideal aid. Find, pay online and go there. It works without any problems.

Petr Staněk