We all need to "go"

… that simply was our first thought. It was based on our own rather negative experiences. It happened many times during our travels that we were desperately seeking for a toilet and then we were searching our pockets for change.

So we came up with an app which would help us and thousands of others. An app which not only finds a toilet, it will get you there and enable payment, with one easy click. All of this without any knowledge of a foreign language.

Go2toilet is for everybody. Mostly for tourists though – for every traveler and adventurer who is in a foreign city and needs to use a toilet. We get you to the nearest facility whether it is a restaurant WC, toilet in a gas station, hotel or maybe a public beach toilet.

You pay via our app but the money goes directly to the facility, so there won’t be any arguing with the service or other problems.

Plus you can also join our benefit program, recommend our app and help us to find new facilities

About loyalty program

Where we are

It started in Prague where we currently have hundreds of facilities – in small cafes but also in huge malls. Now we are constantly expanding, mainly thanks to our members!